The only distillery museum in Estonia and the second oldest in the world!

During the tour, we will talk about the history of making alcohol, how it developed and what its uses were both here and elsewhere. All of the above is intertwined with the general history of Moe, Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

We are talking about how alcohol is produced today and how alcohol becomes vodka.

In addition, it is possible to explore the modern BREWERY AND SPIRITS FACTORY and get acquainted with our most important – the cats of the factory.

Before you set foot in a factory store, you need to know what to buy there! For this occasion, we have developed an exciting, taste- and smell tickling TASTING. In the process it is possible to try our 3 different craft beers and 3 different vodkas.


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Sangaste rye

Moe always uses 100% Estonian winter grain. Most of it is Sangaste rye, which is the world’s oldest variety of grain, supported and protected by the government of Estonia.

Pandivere upland

Moe (form. Muddis) is a place in the Estonian upland, in Pandivere Water Protection Area, known as the land of hidden rivers and vanishing lakes.